Counseling, Speech, and Audiological Services

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Counseling Services

The goal of the Counseling Services department is to provide on-site school counseling services for students, their families, and/or significant others. This involves assistance with resolving personal/interpersonal issues which interfere with students' functioning at their full potential at CSDR. The Counseling department utilizes a community-based approach offering classroom and cottage intervention/consultation to students, staff, parents/families, and involved stakeholders. Counseling Services department also provides information about community resources, and makes referrals when appropriate.

Counseling Services staff include Master's level School Counselors, School Social Workers, and a Parent Education Specialist. All Counseling staff incorporate the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Code of Ethics in their work. Staff are fluent in sign language and have many years of experience assessing and counseling deaf/hard of hearing persons of all ages.

Functional Speech Services

Students attend the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) because it has been determined that they require instruction to be provided in American Sign Language. At CSDR, instruction is presented through American Sign Language (ASL), a visual/conceptual language without a spoken component, and the printed form of English. It is the goal of the Speech Department at CSDR to support the ASL-based instruction provided to students. Because CSDR is an ASL environment, speech services focus on skills and strategies that will facilitate positive interactions with non-signing individuals rather than the traditional speech therapy approach that focuses on precise articulation of individual sounds and words. Speech services offered at CSDR may include:

Audiological Services

The audiology program provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services to students and staff. Testing includes complete audiograms, and when appropriate, an assessment of middle ear function and hearing aid benefit. The audiologist assists students and staff with the process of obtaining assistive devices and supplemental services by confirming or providing proof of deafness to outside agencies. Rehabilitative services include initial cochlear implant auditory therapy, rehabilitative consultation regarding environmental enhancement or potential benefit from the use of auditory devices, and minimal in-house hearing aid maintenance.

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