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Who can attend California School for the Deaf, Riverside?

What is the educational approach at CSDR?

Does CSDR teach the students on the state Common Core standards?

Are CSDR students assessed on the state standards?

Will students graduate with diplomas?

Are students required to take the California High School Exit Exam?

Are speech and audiology services provided at CSDR?

How much does it cost to send students to CSDR?

What are my child’s educational rights?

What are my rights as a parent for the education of my child?

Parents, by law, are an essential voice on the IEP team. Whatever your desires or concerns, you should be well-informed regarding your rights as a parent.

If you feel you need additional support or an explanation of your parental rights, you may wish to contact an organization called Parent Links at the Family Focus Resource and Empowerment Center: The contact person is Cora Shahid and she can be reached at and Irma Sanchez (speaks in Spanish) at

How can my child become a student at California School for the Deaf, Riverside?

What is the referral process?

How quickly will an application be reviewed?

Can a student transfer to CSDR during the school year?

If I am interested in sending my child to CSDR, what do I do?

May I visit the school for a tour?

Can I visit inside the classrooms?

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