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Welcome to the Alternate Curriculum Education School!

The Alternate Curriculum Education Department serves students from about 6 years old to 22 years old who are deaf with additional challenges to learning. We have classrooms located in each of the school areas: Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

The Alternate Curriculum Education School offers an alternate curriculum program which follows the California Alternate Performance Assessment standards (CAPA). Alternate Curriculum Education programming is designed to develop students’ independent application of concepts. This is accomplished through many hands-on activities at CSDR and in the community. Providing both skill development and an application of skills in the real world develops the students’ ability to synthesize all parts of an activity, further developing their independence.

While traditional textbooks are typically not used in the Alternate Curriculum Education classroom, concepts such as addition and subtraction or other mathematics skills are embraced as students learn to make purchases in the community or complete other projects. Reading can be found in the form of directions for completing activities or in the books they have written about their own experiences in school. In Middle School Alternate Curriculum Education, the students begin to learn work skills by collecting for the recycling program. When in High School Alternate Curriculum Education, a variety of work opportunities on- and off-campus are experienced through the Work Ability program.

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