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Nancy Hlibok Amann, Ph.D.


Brittney Kinder

Executive Secretary
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We here at CSDR look forward to working with you to provide your children the best opportunities for learning and success in school and life. Enthusiasm, support and involvement from families, school staff, and community inspire children to do their best. Together, we can achieve wonderful things.

From its inception in 1953, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside has attracted deaf scholars and steadfast staff with innovative spirit and a desire to serve deaf students. These exceptional individuals have created paths of success and opportunities for our students while eliminating any and all barriers. This tradition continues as we embrace this school year. A lot of excitement is ahead of us, including qualified and talented teachers and staff, new books and technology, new and old friends, and newfound skills. It is my personal goal to make this school the best literacy based program in Southern California. I look forward in having you be part of these exciting times!

Three school-wide goals are emphasized throughout the school year:

  • Increase Student Achievement
  • Increase Enrollment
  • Serve as a Resource

Personally, my objectives towards contributing to these goals include:

  • Make No Excuses
  • Model a Vision for Excellence
  • Embrace 21st Century Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Breathe Life into Professional Learning
  • Stay Connected

In addition, we continue to focus upon a safe and orderly environment in our school, providing intervention and enrichment activities for our students, and engaging them in robust and relevant activities.

I am passionate to serve as your Superintendent. I invite you to join me toward achieving a culture of academic excellence. This is an exciting era in education, and I intend for CSDR to lead the way.

Nancy Hlibok Amann, Ph.D.

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Jennie Machado

Director of Student Services

Cynthia Justus

Office Technician
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The CSDR Student Services Division facilitates the admission of new students, and then provides support services to help all students function at their full potential. The Student Services Division consists of: Admissions; Assessment and Intervention Services; Counseling, Speech and Audiology Services; Family Education; Health Services; and IEP Coordination. Each department within Student Services uses a team approach in providing support services to students. Our goal is to identify individual student strengths and areas of need. We then capitalize on student strengths to facilitate and support their skills in the areas of academics, behavior, and personal and social development.

The Student Services staff are all highly trained in their areas of expertise. They are wonderful resources who welcome you to contact them for information and guidance.

I am very proud to be a part of such an outstanding school for deaf children!

Jennie Machado


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Kelly White

Director of Business Services
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Cheryl Cerda-Uribe

Director of Personnel
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