A picture of Nanci Shrager

Nanci Shrager

Curriculum Supervisor

Lucinda Arias

Office Technician
(951) 248-7700 x6545
951-824-8159 VP

Curriculum Staff

Mark Baldviez

Teaching Assistant

Mary Kopcho


Stacey Hausman

Student Outcomes Specialist
951-824-8146 VP

Rene Visco

Educational Technology Specialist
951-824-8099 VP

Content Areas Specialists

Alternate Curriculum

Lisa Kuntzsch-Beck

American Sign Language

Joy Maisel

Career Technology Education & High School Content

Mitch Kurs

English Language Arts

Melissa Brown

Health, Family Life Education, Physical Education and Social Studies

Timothy Hile

Mathematics and Science

Darrin Green
951-824-8109 VP

The curriculum department is committed to successfully educating all students. The department provides and supports a rigorous, inclusive, and student-centered curriculum that aligns with the California Department of Education Frameworks and Standards foundation.

The Supervisor of Curriculum and CSDR's Curriculum Specialists select curricula, monitor and evaluate student performance data and assessments, mentor and provide professional development for teachers, lead new textbook adoptions, implement educational technology in the classrooms and keep the Superintendent, Principals and Director of Instruction abreast on these issues.

Our specialists also collaborate with our skilled instructional staff to adapt, modify and tailor educational materials to meet the needs of all our Deaf/Hard of Hearing student’s Individual Educational Programs. As a result, a wide variety of learning experiences, instructional practices and academic support are employed to engage students as active, mindful learners who are prepared for college or their future career.

Strategic Plan:

  • Review, implement and facilitate CSDR's Strategic Plan


  • Ensure that Common Core State Standards are implemented and modified to meet the diverse linguistic and learning needs of all students
  • Assist in the development of curriculum goals
  • Guide the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials, per State of California recommendations
  • Manage the ordering of textbooks and supplemental materials
  • Conduct curriculum reviews
  • Provide professional development, training and workshops related to specific content areas


  • Provide resources and information
  • Provide professional development opportunities related to instructional strategies, techniques and methods


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