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Student Life Supervisors

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High School
Supervisor of Residence Program
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Andrew Bubeck

Elementary / Middle School
Supervisor of Residence Program
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Transportation Coordinator
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Student Life

CSDR's Student Life Division is responsible for residential students from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. The cottages include a total of 9 buildings. Each school (Elementary, Middle, High School and Special Needs) has its own cottage. The Student Life program consists of two primary components. First, students live in a positive home-like atmosphere allowing for a safe social environment. Second, various after school programs and academic resources provide the necessary support needed for every student's social, physical, and academic success.

The Student Life Division's administrative staff is composed of a Supervisors of Residential Programs and an Assistant Student Life Director. Under the leadership of a Director of Student Life, Assistant Director and SRP, play an important role in providing leadership to the areas for which they are responsible.

Students see a demostration of Airworf 3D Printer

Living Room

Students see a demostration of EON Reality product


Students see a demostration of VEX Robotics

Dining Room

There are 5 Supervising Counselors (SC) who are responsible for their area's daily operations and who act as on-site supervisors lending direction to all cottage counselors, night attendants, and the transportation staff. Within each cottage there are cottage counselors and night attendants; each spending endless amounts of energy attending to students.

After school activities are also a strong component of the Student Life Program. Parents of day students are strongly encouraged to allow their children to participate with the residential students in these activities. Student Life staff excel in their creativity and scheduling of student activities. The philosophy is based on Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication, and Emotional (SPICE) support. This hands-on method helps students develop their skills in managing life's challenges.

  • Extracurricular programs
  • Recreational programs
  • Educational programs
  • Experiential activities
  • Outdoor programs
  • Social events
  • Volunteer programs
  • Study hour
  • Leadership projects/programs
  • Off-campus privileges
  • Interscholastic sports program
  • Work experience
  • Special Olympics
  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Crafts
  • Bingo
  • Character building activities
  • Shopping

In addition to after school programs, the residential program offers:

  • Character Counts! Program for character development
  • PAWS Program for social skill development
  • Dormitory Council for self-governance
  • Computers for educational, recreational, and communication purposes
  • Video Phones for communication with family members and friends
  • Video games
Students see a demostration of Airworf 3D Printer

VideoPhone Lounge

Students see a demostration of EON Reality product


Students see a demostration of VEX Robotics

Computer Lab

Transportation for Cottage Students

CSD provides transportation to and from school for Cottage students, following the school calendar including optional transportation on the first and last day of school. Buses pick up and deliver students at designated stops and times.

Transportation booklets with the designated stops and time schedules are given to new families when they enroll, and yearly schedules are distributed to all families before each school year starts. Special schedules for early dismissal days are also included.

Additional schedules can be obtained from the Transportation Office.


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