Admission Criteria and Services

Admission Criteria

The California Schools for the Deaf (CSD), located in Riverside and Fremont, recognize that language and communication are central to providing quality education to Deaf children. The CSDs are intended to serve students who require specialized, or intensive educational or related services related their hearing loss.

Every Deaf and hard-of-hearing person between the ages of 3 and 21 years, who is a resident of the state, and who meets the eligibility criteria set forth in the proposed regulations is entitled to an education at a CSD at no cost to parents or students. Priority in admission to the CSDs shall be given to:

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students have needs for a unique environment that provides access to:

Since the purpose of the CSDs is the education of the Deaf (Education Code section 59001), the programs and services are designed and funded to serve students whose primary educational needs are due to their severe hearing loss.

Admission Services

The CSDs provide intensive, specialized services to students with or without additional disabilities whose primary education needs are due to their deafness. The services provided include:

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