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CSDR Alumni Association

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The CSDR Alumni Association assists with CSDR awareness through social media sites and offers college scholarships for students. To fundraise for the student scholarships, CSDRAA hosts a Car Show and Bazaar at CSDR, sports competitions with alumni playing versus the current students, and other fundraiser events for the community. CSDRAA meets on a quarterly basis, and facilitates student class and anniversary reunions for CSDR alumni. The organization worked together with the Laurent Clerc Center to create a 424-page CSDR History Book, authored by Kevin Struxness ’78, on CSDR’s first 50 years. The book can be purchased at:

Some staff members and parents also serve on the Gallaudet University Alumni Association of Riverside (GUAA), with scholarships for students who have been accepted into the university. GUAA also hosts various fundraisers and celebrations at CSDR, such as a reception in honor of a retired CSDR administrator, Dr. Gerald “Bummy” Burstein, who recently was honored with the Gallaudet University Sesquicentennial Distinguished Alumni award for his national accomplishments and benefactions to the university, and to the city of Riverside.

Community Advisory Committee

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The Community Advisory Committee includes 51% or more parent representatives, as well as the president of PSWT, who meet on a monthly basis to provide feedback to the Superintendent on various school-related topics. The staff members serving on the CAC include teacher representatives from each department, with a Family Education coordinator and an Outreach staff. Community representatives may include CSDR alumni, the Center on Deafness-Inland Empire (CODIE), the Riverside/Southern California chapter of the California Association of the Deaf, Deaf Women United of Southern California, and/or Deaf-owned businesses. Parent and community involvement is encouraged for addressing important issues and advice with the Superintendent. With CAC, the school hosts Open Forums for parents and community. CAC examines how CSDR programs and services affect all students, and strives for a positive educational environment. Interpreters are provided at all major events, and at the monthly meetings upon request.

Family, School, Community Association

The Family, School, Community Association focuses on fundraising and academic enrichment activities for students, as well as teacher appreciation events. Parents and staff come together and work on a casual basis for the benefit of all students. Interpreters are provided at all monthly FSCA meetings.

Friends of CSDR

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Friends of CSDR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the sound barrier between the deaf and hearing communities. Friends also assists students in extra-curricular educational endeavors that might not ordinarily be available to them. Lastly, the Bummy Foundation, established by Mr. Burstein, supports select CSDR students who show leadership potential by financing their leadership trainings or retreats.