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Conference of Educational Administrators of Schools and Programs for the Deaf and Western Association of Schools and Colleges Action Plan

Goal 1

Improve overall student proficiency in Language Arts, Math, and Science standards measured by performance results on multiple measures of assessment with a special focus on the success of our identified at-risk subgroups to close the achievement gap.

Goal 2

Create a strong sense of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive School Community through discourse, team building, policy implementation, and instruction.

Goal 3

Provide tools and resources for the principals and supervisors to become effective school leaders by building and sustaining staff, family, and community partnerships to cultivate an inclusive, caring, and culturally responsive school community.

Goal 4

Expand and build relationships and resources with deaf education stakeholders in California and create a 5-year technology plan for CSDR and Outreach.


2015-2021 Action Plan