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Guide to Emergency Procedures

California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSD Riverside) has plans and preparations for emergency situations. To ensure the greatest security possible, CSD Riverside has specific plans to respond to emergencies such as natural disasters (earthquakes, tropical storms, etc.), man-made disasters (fires, chemical spills, etc.), and critical incidents such as an incidence of school violence. These plans are updated annually.

What Should Parents/Guardians Do in an Emergency?

Before an emergency:

  • Communicate with and reinforce to your child(ren) that the school has emergency response plans for student safety. School buildings were built to meet safety codes and there are school personnel trained in first aid and emergency response.
  • Your child(ren) receive school drills throughout the school year.
  • Remind your child(ren) not to panic, keep quiet, and follow directions from school officials and law enforcement.
  • Make certain the school emergency information (PowerSchool) is updated with names of authorized individuals and current phone numbers. The school will not release students to anyone not on the parent/caregiver/guardian contact.
  • Develop a family emergency plan. Please visit the American Red Cross website for details and assistance.


  • Do not panic. CSD Riverside will immediately implement their emergency plan.
  • Do not go to CSD Riverside. This jeopardizes your safety, the safety of the first responders, and students. Streets will need to be open for emergency vehicles and first responder access.
  • Do not call CSD Riverside. Any phone calls to the office or parents/guardians coming to the campus will impair the school’s ability to respond to the immediate needs of the students. All efforts will be dedicated to emergency response.
  • School Messages via phone and email will be sent to parents/guardians as soon as possible with information and/or directions. Updated contact information is critical for timely notification.
  • CSD Riverside will make every effort to provide parents/guardians with information.


  • Center will be established to communicate information and for parents/guardians to pick up their children.
  • The primary Reunification Center will be the Baseball field (west)/gate on Maude Street.
  • Photo ID will be required for releasing students. Authorized individuals must be listed on the parent/caregiver/guardian contact via PowerSchool.
  • Please remain calm and exercise patience during this time. Remaining orderly will assist all students with coping with the situation.