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High School

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Tammy Mitchell

High School Principal

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Office Technician

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Hello and welcome to the High School page!

Our Vision of Learning

  • ADVOCATE for our students’ educational and social needs
  • EMBRACE all kinds of learning, both inside and outside the classroom
  • COLLABORATE together in order to advance student achievement

The High School serves students in grades 9-12 in the following areas: bilingual language arts (English and American Sign Language), mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, health, and academic electives. The High School also works closely with the Career Technology Education (CTE) program where a wide variety of additional courses covering various career pathway programs and career preparation are offered to students. Academic courses help prepare students for graduation and future academic endeavors, while the CTE program prepares them for transition and employment.

Students receive instruction and curricular materials that are based on the Common Core State Standards in all content areas. The Next Generation Science Standards are used in science classes. Teachers continue to receive bilingual best practices training, as CSDR believes that all teachers are considered language teachers, presenting instructional information using both written English and American Sign Language. Staff work collaboratively to prepare students to be 21st century learners with the use of educational technology across all content areas.

The High School program uses cross-curricular and team-teaching approaches for a comprehensive and well-balanced education that meets students’ needs. Staff take pride in the fact that core activities concentrate on student learning and achievement and that instruction is data driven. Students also have plenty of opportunities to get involved with a variety of student organizations. In addition, students can also try out for a variety of sport teams under CSDR’s athletics department. There is always something going on that our students can become involved with. Staff love watching students shine in ways they never thought they could.

High School staff are committed to serving students, families, and community. Students and their families, as well as community organizations and businesses, become partners in learning and help support the effort to make students lifelong learners. The ultimate goal is to send students off into the world with plenty of Cub pride!

High School News

Period Schedule - Monday thru Thursday

Period Time
Period 1 8:30 - 9:22
Period 2 9:26 - 10:18
Period 3 10:22 - 11:14
Period 4 11:18 - 12:10
Lunch 12:10 - 12:42
Period 5 12:46 - 1:38
Period 6 1:42 - 2:34
Period 7 2:38 - 3:30

Alternating Period Schedule - Friday

Period Time
Period 1/2 8:30 - 9:35
Period 3/4 9:39 - 10:44
Period 5/6 10:48 - 11:53
7/FLEX 11:57 - 1:02
Lunch 1:06 - 1:36