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What is the Process?

Following contact with CSDR by the University Internship Supervisor, the intern submits a resume and letter of interest. Elementary interns must teach in all subject areas while middle school and high school interns typically teach in a single subject area. All intern applicants are interviewed by a supervisor and placement is determined by the results of the interview, as well as the availability of tenured master teachers. The intern and University will be notified shortly following the interview process.

Frequently asked Questions:

What are some of the benefits of interning at CSDR?

  • Guidance from experienced mentor teachers
  • Opportunities to learn about residential school learning environment
  • Participation in professional learning communities (PLC)
  • Opportunities to obtain quality feedback on teaching skills
  • Participation in current staff trainings
  • Exposure to Positive Behavior Management Techniques
  • Learning to deliver effective, comprehensible lessons to meet the needs of all students
  • Immersion in Deaf Culture
  • Opportunities to volunteer in extracurricular activities

Can I live on campus?

Housing on campus may be available in exchange for 6 hours of volunteer work each week in the residential program.

Who do I contact for information?