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April McArthur


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Dear Families,

This year during California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s 70 years anniversary, I am proud to start serving as the 8th Site Superintendent, as of January 1, 2023. I am passionate about leading the school to best achieve its mission of promoting student achievement while embracing the school’s core values. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

This Superintendent position is not my first position at CSDR. I first worked as the Alternative Curriculum Education (ACE) principal since August of 2022. Prior to serving as ACE principal on campus, I was an elementary principal and the ASL-English bilingual director at the Washington School for the Deaf/Washington State Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth. There, I provided training and consultation to school district staff, families, administrators, and legislators throughout Washington state. I received my Administrator’s Credential from Washington State University, Vancouver, and master's degree in Teaching and Learning: ASL and English Bilingual Education from the University of California, San Diego. I received my undergraduate degree at California State University, Northridge.

My husband, Rob, and I are both Deaf. We are the proud parents of two young adult sons. The oldest, a graduate of Pepperdine University, works for a marketing firm firm in Manhattan, NY and the youngest is a sophomore at Martin Luther King High School.

Among my goals for CSDR is to advance the quality of the ASL/English bilingual education program for all students, supporting our students’ language acquisition. I will work closely with our staff to ensure that we utilize data to monitor the application of appropriate resources to support our school needs. I also plan to expand Outreach services to educators, students, families, and medical professionals in the 12 counties in Southern California under its jurisdiction.

Relationships are important to me. I look forward to building relationships with all CSDR stakeholders: families, students, staff, alumni, community members, and local education agencies. I value teamwork communication, integrity, and stewardship. As well as academic and social emotional growth.

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

With Cub Pride,

April McArthur

Leadership Team

April McArthur

Site Superintendent

Directors | Principals

Edward Peigneux

Director of Student Life

After School Programs | Residential Cottages | Security | Transportation

Nora Gonzales

Director of Human Resources


Teresa Maxwell

Director of Support Services

Athletics | Career & Technical Education | Curriculum, Data, Instruction & Advancement

Denise Taylor

Director of Student Services

Admissions | Assessment | Counseling, Speech & Audiology | Health

Eric Lopez

Director of Business Services

Accounting | Dietetics | Interpreting | Plant Operations | Procurement

Academic Principals

Tammy Mitchell

High School

Scarlett Valencia

Middle School

Mission & Values


Students at California School for the Deaf are engaged in a positive environment where ASL and English are valued, cultures are embraced, learning is relevant, and self-worth is uplifted. In collaboration with families and school communities, Southern California students prepare for college and careers through academic rigor, innovative technology, and extra-curricular opportunities.



children becoming balanced bilingual individuals by recognizing the relationships between language development, cognitive development and social/emotional development.



and utilize data to ensure ongoing, consistent improvement both for the individual student and the school as a whole.


professionally as educators who implement standards-based best practices by planning collaboratively with resources and training.


an equitable learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and staff.


families as a vital part of the students' learning, where staff and families work together, and put the good of the student first.



Students will effectively communicate opinions, ideas, and information through American Sign Language and English.


Students will contribute in shared learning and knowledge as accountable members.


Students will engage in multiple literacies to comprehend and reflect on information for learning and meaningful participation.

Critical Thinking

Students will apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate resources to solve complex problems.


Students will demonstrate courage, respect, and excellence as they serve within their communities.

Work Ethic

Students will take responsibility for their own learning with self-discipline, honor, and integrity.

School Educational Logo

We have a visual expression of our purpose - one that marries our past to our present and sets the course for where we're headed in the future. This bilingual logo, by Deaf professional designer Suzanne Stecker, symbolizes our commitment to you that we'll remain true to our core values as we set our sights on the future.

  • The logo shape is an abstract of the ASL handshape “R” in print form for “Riverside.”

  • The two languages of ASL and English are represented with balance and equality by the two tree trunks. The trees intersect because both languages are used back and forth with clear purpose throughout the day, with ASL as a bridge to learning English.

  • The trees grow, as students achieve through this bilingual program, and their cognition, language, literacy, academic performance, and self-esteem thrive.

  • Five palm branches at the top of the tree trunks represent the shape of hands signing “CHAMP.” Students shall be champions in academics, sports, organizations, career, and life.