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Assessment and Intervention Services

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Rachel Mingo

Assessment Supervisor

Joelle Herman

Office Technician

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Hello and greetings from the Department of Assessment/Intervention Services. Our highly-trained staff members provide assessment and intervention services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students enrolled at CSDR as well as for students all across Southern California. Our staff members believe that the process of creating a comprehensive assessment involves synthesizing vast amounts of information about the student's background. With this in mind, our department conducts a wide variety of assessments.

Our department also houses the California Deaf Education Resource Center, South (CDERC) which provides assessments to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students from 18 months through age 21 years. These services are provided, per the Ed Code, free of charge. Southern California Local Education Agencies may refer students for these assessments. Please contact our department for further information and an application for services. CDERC also provides training to mainstream teachers working with Deaf or Hard of Hearing students.

General Assessments

Admissions Assessment

Students who apply for admission into CSDR are assessed for eligibility by the Admissions Team which includes the Assessment and Intervention Department. Students files and assessment histories are reviewed by the Assessment Team to determine assessment needs. During temporary placement at CSDR, if recommended, the student is pulled for needed assessments during the 60-day review period. Information from the Educational Team as well as assessment data and observations are shared with the IEP team for final decision of placement.

Triennial Assessment

As required by law for all students in Special Education, the Assessment Team reviews student files due for triennial review. The purpose of such reviews is to help determine ongoing eligibility for Special Education, and to review progress over the past three years. A report is prepared and shared at the student's triennial IEP meeting.

Special Request Assessment

This service is provided to students currently enrolled at CSDR. Students who are not making expected academic gains or have behavioral or social/emotional concerns may be referred for a special assessment. Members of the IEP team, including parents, can request an assessment. Requests are reviewed by the Assessment Department and testing is chosen depending on the referral question. Findings from the evaluation are shared with the student's IEP team at a post assessment meeting.

Behavior Assessment

This service is provided by the school's Behavior Specialists for those students whose behavior is serious as defined by California Education Code (self-injurious, assaultive, serious property damage, other pervasive/maladaptive).

In addition to behavioral assessments, the Behavior Specialist is also involved with supporting school-wide behavior services which includes providing assistance, school-wide and student specific positive intervention techniques and in-service training and consultation to staff and parents in the management of classroom and individual student problematic behaviors.

Occupational Therapy

Students enrolled at CSDR can be referred to Occupational Therapy for an array of services including classroom consultation, informal and direct services. OT services are often provided in situations where teachers are unsure how to accommodate the needs of students with an additional disability that impairs access to the curriculum.

California Deaf Education Resource Center - Assessment Services

Students who are not enrolled at CSDR but are being served at another school in Southern California can be referred to the California Deaf Education Resource Center - Assessment Services for special, in-depth evaluations which provide the district with needed information for program development. For information on how to refer a student in your district, please contact our office at (951) 824-8015 VP or or check out our website at